Aluminium Extrusion Scraps 6063 - Mill Finish - ISRI TREAD  

Aluminium Extrusion Scraps 6063 - Briquettes - ISRI TREAD  

Aluminium Extrusion Scraps 6063 - LOOSE - ISRI TREAD  

Aluminium Wire Scraps - ISRI TALON  

Aluminium Scraps - ISRI TAINT TABOR  

Aluminium Utensil Scraps - ISRI TAINT  

Aluminium Castings Scraps - ISRI TENSE  

Aluminium Used Beverage Cans Scraps - ISRI TALDON  

Aluminium Ingots - Primary / Secondary  

Aluminium Wire Rods

Sea Special Pvt. Ltd. was incepted with well experienced promotional members of industry, who were strongly bonded as group on the basis of team spirit, We extremely believe in sincere performance with professional approach.

Our specializations go beyond the scrap. We maintain our business relationships by offering a maximum return for scrap recycling and making our product more quality conscious, thereby more valuable to our customers. What We Do

SEASPL. works in close coordination with some of the leading and reliable suppliers from overseas, actively engaged in the trade of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metals scraps. We also act as an importer for Metal scrap in India.

We are proud to have huge number of buyers for all kind of scrap material. We are always in search of good and reliable suppliers for every kind of metal scrap.

At SEASPL we operate for efficiency. We employ economies of scale to maximize the return for our customers. We have the Quality, with expertise labours to cater  various  grades of ferrous & non ferrous scraps and to customize processing, packaging to meet customers needs.  


At SEASPL ALU DIVISION we strive to lead in the supplies of metals scraps of Non Ferrous Scraps & Ferrous Scraps, Primary and Secondary - particularly in ALUMINIUM to the manufacturers and others.

SEASPL has been based on a set of fundamental values and permeate all of our relationships between our company's people and our clients. SEASPL offers competitive market pricing and we can either purchase or toll your product offering nationwide trucking, or work with your shipping methods.