Iron ore is used almost exclusively for steel production. Until recently the market was mostly contract-based, with fixed-price contracts led by the major producers. The move towards free market pricing has increased competition, but also introduced volatility for smaller concerns.

1.3 billion tonnes of iron ore annually is shipped internationally. The freely traded seaborne market makes up around 20% of that.

Historically, most iron ore trading took place in Europe and the US. Today, the customer base has moved eastward. We began trading actively in 2011. Adding iron ore trading to our existing capabilities has allowed us to grow volumes rapidly.

We trade with the major producers in key exporting countries like Australia and Brazil. We also buy ore further afield from smaller mining concerns, in places like India, South Africa, Mexico, Chile, South East Asia.

We trade the whole spectrum of iron ore products and grades. We deal mainly with fine, low-grade and high-grade lump, pellet feed and pellets.

Iron ore is not a fungible commodity, but the major producers use their scale to deliver standardised products.

Much of our trading activity is with smaller and mid-tier mining concerns. We rarely take delivery of plain vanilla product. Finding the right buyer for particular grades of stock is a key skill.

We rely on our extensive international network. We are particularly well represented in China, where our sales and marketing teams have built up strong contacts with the major Chinese trading houses.

Manganese Ore

SEA SPECIAL share strong association with leading Mn Ore mining companies and we have dedicated buyer base for domestic trading of Mn Ore - Lumps, Chips as well as Fines in India. We market Mn Ore, of various grades, to various Ferro Alloys producers, across India, sourced from South Africa, Gabon, Zambia, Indonesia, Brazil as well as from large Mn Ore mining companies in India.

Our Manganese Grades

Domestic Ore – We supply Mn Ore grade starting form 28% to 40% available within India. Import Ore – We import high grade Mn Ore starting from 35% to 50% from South Africa, Zambia, Gabon,Indonesia, Brazil.