SEASPL is one of Vizag's independent commodity traders. We born here with perfect passion, vision and spirit. We believe that there is only one way to trade and that is by making the right judgement, following the principles of best practices and by staying true to the ethics of trade. Through our work we have discovered that when these ideals are met we go beyond trade. We create Perfect Trade. that stays true to our vision of how SEASPL was built and sets the path to the future.


We are relentless in our pursuit of perfecting trade. You'll find that we provide excellent end-to-end services, aligning our resources with your priorities. It's a role we designed for a reason. Staying dynamic, we focus on delivering to our customers in a manner that meet their needs. Our global reach and technical expertise in trading allows access to unique markets. We're dedicated to developing trade and with that goal in mind, our vision of Pure Trade is just the beginning for a strong and powerful era ahead.

  • SEASPL dedicates itself to Pure Trade today, tomorrow and always.
  • We recognize that Pure Trade is about growth for all, so we build the strongest relationships with our partners and clients.
  • We believe that Pure Trade is about transparency that will take our partnerships and our business to a larger purpose.
  • We believe that there is a little bit of trade in every thing and each day we are touching lives across the globe.
  • We believe that trade is not only about the right information but it's about values, people, knowledge and expertise. Rhodium practices this every day and coupled with Pure Trade we guarantee a successful business future.